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Pac-Man, Miis, and Palutena join the Smash roster

During the Nintendo Digital Event at E3 yesterday, Nintendo wasted no time announcing Miis to be playable in the upcoming brawler. You can import them from your console and pit yourself against Nintendo’s finest.

The Miis come in three possible catagories: Mii Brawler – an in-your-face fighter mostly specializing in hand to hand combat, Mii Gunner – whose attacks center mostly on projectiles and an arm cannon, and Mii Swordsman – who is a weapons specialist.

Each type has customizable special moves, with three choices for each special. Sakurai stated that the Miis have so much variety that they take up the space that normally nine characters would take up. He also stated that you could fight as any celebrity now and showed off Abraham Lincoln taking on Nintendo’s all-stars on Battlefield.

Initially I was slightly annoyed that the Miis took up nine places and that everyone would just be playing absurd Miis, but I have grown to like them and am now excited to try them out.

At the end to the Digital Event, Reggie stated that there was one more surprise waiting. A Smash Bros trailer proceeded to begin with a shot of Palutena looking over Pit and Link doing battle. She then intervenes and her moves are shown. She uses a variety of different moves that involve projectiles, reflecting, moving quickly, and more. The trailer showing Link and Pit’s battle was interestingly in an anime style. At the end of the trailer Dark Pit appears with Paletuna acknowledging him. It is unknown whether this will be a new fighter, assist trophy, or alternate skin for Pit, as it was in Brawl.

Finally, after the whole event, a trailer was released showing Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man in battle. A yellow dot then appeared and was revealed to be Pac-Man, in his three-dimensional version.

Pac-Man is so far the third third-party character to be in Super Smash Bros 4, and possibly the last. It shows him using a number of projectiles from his game as well as transforming to his classic self to chomp away at the characters. His final smash showed him turning into a giant version of his classic look and moving across the screen.

Since Namco-Bandai is working on the new Smash, it was highly likely in the first place that Pac-Man would get a spot on the roster. He was one of the most requested third-party characters to appear in Smash Bros 4, alongside Mega Man and Bomberman.

What are your thoughts on the newly released characters, or the whole Nintendo Digital Event itself? Let us know in the comments below.

Ike returns for new Smash Bros.

Fire Emblem’s Ike is ready to appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS after a recent announcement. It seems that Sakurai is very comfortable with Brawl’s cast of characters and intends to use a lot of them that we initially assumed would be cut.

Ike came alongside Marth as Fire Emblem reps for Brawl, taking Roy’s place. Everyone was sure he would be replaced this time with a Fire Emblem: Awakening character such as Chrom or Lucina, but apparently this is not so.

Ike also starred in 2005’s Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for Gamecube and in 2007’s Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for Wii. He was also included in 2013’s Fire Emblem: Awakening for 3DS as downloadable content.

Ike’s new design shows him wearing armor and different color clothes, a la Radiant Dawn.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is set to release Winter 2014, while the 3DS version is ready for Summer the same year. Nintendo has said the Wii U version will use NFC technology like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, with for information on that coming soon. Expect more Smash Bros. news at E3.

NT008 – April Nintendo Directs

Yes, these are old directs, but we review them and speculate!

Intro :00

Smash Bros. Direct :44
We tell about the highlights of April’s Smash Bros. Direct!

Smash Bros. Pokemon Reveal Trailer 11:13
We discuss our reactions to the Greninja/Charizard reveal.

Smash Run and Release Dates 12:55
The 3DS gets a new mode and the release windows were announced.

Tomodachi Life Direct 17:05An odd little Japan-only game is coming the the US!

Close 20:48
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NT007 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

This podcast came out a little late, but here is Episode 7 of The Nintendo Teens Podcast! Another Pokemon episode!

Intro :00

Smash Bros. News :53
We discuss new things for Smash Bro.s 4!

Pokebank 6:25
We recap with what happened about Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity 10:26
We review the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for 3DS!

Close 15:59
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NT006 – Lego City Undercover and New Super Mario Bros U

We got a Wii U! Now we will be able to review Wii U games on the podcast. We haven’t been able to get a podcast out for a while, but here it is now! Enjoy!

Intro :00

Wii U and Announced Fitness Console :46
I finally went out and bought a Wii U. We discuss our opinions on Nintendo’s latest game machine as well as mention some odd news.

Lego City Undercover Wii U 4:05
We review the highly praised Wii U game Lego City Undercover.

New Super Mario Bros U 17:10
It’s an older game, but New Super Mario Bros U still brings a ton of fun to parties.

Close 21:09
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NT005 – Wii Mini and Wii U Bundles

We apologize for the delay, but here is Episode 5 of the Nintendo Teens Podcast! We discuss the Wii Mini that came out a few weeks ago, the Wii U Bundles that were released, and possibilities for the new Smash Bros Roster!

Intro :00

Wii Mini :48
Should you buy the newly released Wii Mini?

Wii U Bundles 6:05
Some new Wii U bundles came out recently to replace the Nintendo Land Bundle.

New First Party Titles 6:51
Nintendo has a barrage of First Party Titles ready to compete against Sony and Microsoft.

Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS Roster Discussion 9:09
We discuss who we think will or will not return for the upcoming game Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

Close 15:41
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Nintendo FINALLY Unifies all Nintendo eShop Accounts

So Nintendo has FINALLY (finally, finally) done what all the fans have been desperately clamoring for. A feature included in the next software update for the 3DS will let users link their Nintendo Network accounts thus linking their eShop balances between the two platforms. The update will be coming sometime next month to players in North America and Europe.

The Nintendo eShop is a feature for both the Wii U and the 3DS that lets players buy software online instead of at retail; eShop exclusive titles can be purchased, too. When bought, software is saved to the 3DS memory.or to the SD card. Users can also check out videos for new games or unboxing videos as well as a few special videos here and there that Nintendo shoots out to celebrate special events. Previously, if someone bought a eShop points card, then they were forced to register the points on one system and one system only. With the upcoming update, all eShop points registered can be used for any Wii U or 3DS systems the player owns by using a single Nintendo Network ID.

Also, one Nintendo Network ID account cannot be used for more that one 3DS systems. If another 3DS system is registered with a different Nintendo Network ID, then that eShop balance can’t be shared with the Wii U that has already linked ID’s.

Nintendo also mentions that a Nintendo Network ID on the 3DS will be needed to download any free eShop content (demos or free software) on the portable device.

Finally, the update will bring something new to the 3DS that is already on the Wii U. Miiverse. This is a social network for Nintendo players that lets them communicate by typing, drawing, or posting in-game pics using their Wii U system or the web. Now it is coming to 3DS so players that don’t have a Wii U or immediate web access can use this feature. Nice, Nintendo.

The software will be arriving sometime next month in December.

NT004 – Lego Games

Lego games new and old, we discuss!

Intro :00

Lego Star Wars for Nintendo DS :51
Yes, it is an old game, but it’s one that never gets boring! We’ve been playing some of it recently.

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes for Nintendo Wii 3:01
We discuss the pros and cons of the sequel to Lego Batman.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: 12:15
The game has looked promising ever since it’s release, and we compare it’s features to the previous Lego Super Heroes game, Lego Batman 2!

The Lego Movie Video Game 15:28
What will this upcoming movie tie-in be like? We talk about what has been revealed so far.

Close 24:02
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NT003 – Pokemon X and Y

In this episode, we talk about the new features in Pokemon X and Y.

Intro :00

Pokemon X and Y Release, Easter Eggs, and Review and Video on Our Website :33
Pokemon X and Y has a few nice Easter Eggs and we did a review and unboxing on the game.

New Features Pokemon X and Y Introduces 3:01
Introduced to the Pokemon Franchise is 3D, New Pokemon, an annoying little glitch, and more.

Pokemon X and Y’s Story 7:18
We review X and y’s story and compare it to Black and White’s story.

More X and Y Features 9:27
We discuss the game difficulty, visuals, Fairy Type, Character Customization, and more.

Close 24:02
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Nintendo Discontinues Wii, Price Cut for Wii U Spiking Sales by 200%

After selling over 100 million consoles around the world, Nintendo has listed their very successful Wii as “discontinued” in Japan. This is only a few weeks after they announced that they would stop manufacturing the console there. It seems that it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo stops making them everywhere to encourage consumers to buy a Wii U. After all, you can play Wii games on them, just not Gamecube games (which to me was a disappointment). One of the most successful consoles ever as well as a big leap for gaming innovation has just now quietly ended. It will be very hard at this point for the Wii U to top it’s predecessor.

With the Wii no longer being manufactured, Nintendo can focus on only one home console – their struggling Wii U console. A fresh batch of Wii U games are arriving soon this year, and more next year in 2014.

Speaking of Nintendo encouraging Wii U sales, the Wii U has had a tremendous surge in sales since it’s September 20 price cut of $50. With the Wii U at $300 and expected bundles coming soon, Nintendo has a chance to change their fortune. Wii U sales in the United States have risen by 200% since the cut and in the United Kingdom by 685% since the release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle on October 4.

Still, the best-selling game machine is Nintendo’s current handheld device, the 3DS. Apparently, this is the fifth week in a row it has been on the top. This is mostly because last week, one of Nintendo’s highly-anticipated 3DS games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, became available to public. They are the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise (one the best) as well as the latest first party blockbuster game Nintendo has released for the 3DS. The new Pokemon game was released alongside the 2DS so smaller children could play the new Pokemon game on a cheaper console (the 2DS can play 3DS games and is $129.99 and is like a tablet). You can read my review on Pokemon X and Y in one of the earlier posts, as well as our unboxing video on the two games and the pre-order poster that came with it.

Do you think the Wii U can claim victory over the Xbox One and the PS4, now that it is in Nintendo’s focus? Post a comment below or join our forum community.